American Flag Etiquette for Your Home

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American Flag Etiquette for Your Home

The flag of the United States of America is a bold symbol of freedom and represents a strong sense of national pride. Many U.S. citizens feel so passionately about what the flag represents that they choose to display one at their home. Did you know there are customs when flying Old Glory? American flag etiquette is taken seriously, because this emblem deserves honor and respect. Here are the guidelines for displaying the flag at your home.

Raise and Lower with Respect

When displaying your flag in the morning it is to be hoisted briskly. Conversely, in the evening, it should be lowered ceremoniously. When the flag is lowered, make sure that no part of it touches the ground. Neatly fold your flag for storage.

Flying With Other Flags

Many homeowners also like to fly their state flag in conjunction with the American flag. When sharing a flagstaff, the American flag should always fly above any other. If flying your flags on multiple staffs, the flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group. However, when flown with other national flags, all flags should be flown at the same height. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace.

Displayed from The Window

If you chose to hang your flag in a window, place the blue union (stars) in the upper left corner as viewed from the street. Therefore when viewed from inside, the union will be in the upper-right hand corner.

Flying at Half-Staff

There are occasions when your flag should be flown at half-staff. When displaying at half-staff, your flag needs to be hoisted to the peak for an instant, then lowered to half position. These times are usually ordered by the President. Other moments, such as Memorial Day carry specific guidelines. The flag is flown at half until noon, then hoisted to the peak for the remainder of the day.

Suspended Over a Sidewalk

If you suspend your flag over a sidewalk from a rope extending from the house to a pole at the edge of the sidewalk, the flag should be hoisted out, union (stars) first.

Flag Pole From Porch or Balcony

When you display your flag diagonally or horizontally from a pole hung on your porch or balcony, the union should be placed at the peak. Unless it is flying at half -staff. Also, never fly your flag upside down. This is seen as a distress signal.

Displaying Against a Wall

Should you chose to display a flag in your home against a wall follow these rules. First, it needs to lie flat against the wall. Next, whether hung vertically or horizontally, the union must be in the uppermost and to the flag’s own right corner. Which means, it is to the observer’s left.

Time of Day

It is customary to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, you may fly the colors 24 hours a day if it is properly illuminated during the evening.

Fly in Fair Weather

Unless you have a special flag designed for inclement weather, only fly your flag during times of fair weather. Lower your flag during rain, and snow storms.

Take Care of Your Flag

Your flag should be carefully cleaned and mended when necessary. If you flag has become so worn that it is no longer fit for display, do not simply throw it in the trash. It must be destroyed, by burning, in a dignified manner. Both Sneade’s Ace Home Centers have FLAG DROP OFF bins, so that you can be sure that your flag is destroyed properly.

Be Respectful at All Times

Never use your flag as a decoration of any sort, such as on cushions or handkerchiefs. It should never be used on anything that is intended for disposal after temporary use. Your flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform. Avoid using your flag for receiving or holding anything.

These are only a few of the guidelines for American flag etiquette.

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