4 Reasons Why to Choose Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets Featured 2018

Considered more convenient, Pellet fuel appliances are significantly more efficient versus a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove. Wood Pellets are considered the cleanest solid fuel and is widely used in our Anne Arundel and Calvert County homes. Compared to traditional wood, Pellets produce very little air pollution. Compared to heating oil and propane, Pellets are almost half the current market prices.

Price upfront
Pellet stoves are not as costly as you may think. The typical installation cost between $1500 and $3000. Typically, this price is less than a traditional wood burning stove and drastically less expensive compared to installing a fireplace, chimney , and flue. The investment of installing a Pellet stove can be recouped in as soon as one season. Afterward, conservative estimates show that a Wood Pellet Stove can produce a return on your investment of up to 49% annually.

According to the EPA the efficiency of pellets is 80% or better. Pellet stoves have a very low emission because of how dry and dense the pellets are. For each ton of pellets used it reduces our global emissions by 1.5 tons. The Energy Information Administration states that 3 million tons of pellets displaces 356 million gallons of oil (8.5 Million Barrels). Further Pellets are a renewable source of energy when compared to oil, propane or coal. Even better, Pellets are mostly created from processed wood, wood scraps and sawdust creating a more efficient use of each precious tree.

Storage & Convenience
Storage and Convenience are some reasons that consumers tend to enjoy using Wood pellets. Although there was a shortage last year due to a surge in European exports, mills are more prepared and supplies are in. It is nice to be able to buy your fuel as you need it, compared to storing cords of wood or having a large unsightly fuel tank attached to the side of your house. I am sure many would also like to reduce or remove those sometimes multi-year heating oil and propane contracts.

Versus Heating Oil and Propane
How much are you paying for your fuel? Wood Pellets can save you money if you are using heating oil or propane to heat your home. The typical household consumes 3 tons of pellets per season. The national average price per ton is $250. Given the math, Wood Pellets produce a cost of $19.05 per million BTU. If you compare this to Heating Oil than your price per gallon would be $2.05. Comparing to propane, the costs would be $1.36 per gallon. As you can see there is a savings to be had considering the average price of propane last month was almost double at $2.36 per gallon. It is important to know that a ton of Pellets is equal to about a cord of wood. The average price of a ton of Pellets is $200-$250 and the average price of a cord of wood at retail is $125-$200. Although close in price Pellets have a huge advantage when it comes to the environment and convenience of use.

Bottom Line
Sneade’s is ready! Last season we had to dig deep and we were able for the most to part meet the supply despite the shortage. This year we have prepared ourselves and we invite you to do the same. Start stocking up on wood pellets now to get ready for the cooler months ahead. Stop by either of our Sneade’s Ace Home Centers today. If you have any questions, please email us at thehelpfulplace @ sneadesace.com.


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