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How to Treat Common Lawn Pests

Keep the Pests Our of Your Lawn Featured

Keep the Bugs Away This Season When your lawn is thick and green, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. It can be the most inviting aspect of your home and serves as a welcome beacon to guests. However, when your grass is riddled with brown patches due to a pest invasion, it’s enough to make any homeowner cringe. Do you find yourself looking at your turf and wondering what is ravaging your yard? How can you treat common lawn pests? It’s easier than you think, once you know the cause. The Culprits Grubs Probably the most damage causing of all the pests, Grubs are the larvae of a wide variety of beetles, including the Japanese beetle. Throughout the summer and early fall, these critters will chomp away below the soil surface at the turf roots. Chinch Bugs Present in virtually the entire country, Chinch Bugs are sap-sucking insects. They feed


Get Grilling at Sneade’s Ace

lets get grilling at sneades featured

Looking to upgrade your backyard cooking set up this summer? Or, are you interested in experimenting with alternate outdoor cooking methods? With so many grill choices out there it can be tough choosing which is best and why. Well, Sneade’s Ace Home Center wants to share a little about the best grills and cooking methods. Here is some helpful info to help you decide for yourself! Gas Grills Folks love the spontaneity of cooking on propane gas grills. They are ready for cooking basically at the push of a button. Whether the kids are hungry for burgers and dogs, or friends drop by for an impromptu gathering, you’ve got it covered! Plus, there is no end to the healthful cooking benefits that gas grills offer. According to Weber Grills, a proven leader in this field, “Grilling is more than what sears on the grate. It’s the experiences lived, memories created, and


Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Summer

Getting Your Yard Ready For Summer Facebook

Sneade’s Ace is the Place for all of Your Lawn and Garden Needs Spring is the best time to get your lawn ready for the hot summer months ahead. Creating a strong resilient lawn will always give your lawn the best chance for surviving the next Maryland heatwave. Our Lawn and Garden Experts here at Sneade’s Ace Home Center have a few tips they want to share to help ensure that this is your best lawn and garden season ever. If you have started with Scott’s 4 Step Program, or Ace’s 4 Step Program you are already well on your way. By now you have put down your Step 1 Crabgrass Prevention and Step 2 Dandelion and Weed Prevention. Both giving your lawn a boost with fertilizer. Aeration The root system of grasses can get quite thick and to put it simply it can be a big clumpy mess below the


The New Weber Genesis II


Introducing the Weber Genesis II® and Genesis II LX® Grills The Weber Genesis II has arrived.  This will be the biggest upgrade to the line since the late 1980’s.  The new Genesis II will come in 4 sizes and 2 classes, regular and LX. You will be able to choose from 2, 3, 4 or 6 burners with each grill wider than the next.  In this 2017 model Weber brings back the open cabinet design which was previously discontinued in 2003. The LX version does pack a few more features including enclosed cabinet doors, a side burner stainless steel rod cooking grates, an electric LP tank meter, front mounted hook, a handle light and stainless steel flavorizer bars Your first impression will be WOW!  When you open the lid you get a feeling of a more spacious cooking area.  The lid design is also more streamlined and lesser in height giving the


Echo has a Deal that will Blow Your Lawn Away

Echo Professional Grade Leaf Blowers

Echo, the leader in the handheld Lawn Care industry, introducing its first Knapsack Backpack Duster in 1950. Echo’s headquarters are based outside of Chicago in Lake Zurich, IL, USA. With over 540,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, the majority of ECHO products are Assembled in the USA from domestic and foreign parts and components. The Echo Hand-Held Blower – PB250LN Packing power and delivering for homeowners and professionals alike. This model is highly reviewed and you will not be disappointed. The PB250LN has a forceful blowing power of 391 cubic feet per minute and air speeds of 165 miles per hour. The PB250LN is top of its class when it comes to technical advances. More power does not equal more weight. The PB250LN has a 25.4 cc professional grade two stroke engine and is also considered to be one of the lightest in its class. The ergonomically correct blower weighs


Expert Tips, How to Attract Birds this Winter

Expert Tip 1 – Add water and make a splash! Adding a bird bath will significantly increase the amount of birds in your yard. Throughout the year birds get a significant amount of water from their food, such as insects and berries. When supplies dwindle, birds will seek out additional sources. Migrating birds seek out these much needed watery rest stops. Additionally, keeping a bird bath or fountain throughout the winter will actually help birds stay warmer. Birds use the water to clean their feathers which promotes natural oils and helps birds stay more insulated. Expert Tip 2 – Provide plenty of the RIGHT seed.  Black-oil sunflower seed is a major stable for birds in the winter months. Striped sunflower seed is still fine but the Black-oil seed has a thinner shell and a much larger kernel, making it a win-win for the birds and your budget. Mixed seed is


New Summer Plants Arrive at Sneade’s Ace Home Center Owings, MD

It is still not too late to add some color to your garden, patio or container garden.  We even brought in some new Bug Blaster plants that will help keep mosquitoes and biting bugs at bay. We have some fresh hanging baskets with a colorful variety of petunias and verbena. We have Tuberous Begonias, Portulaca, Brachycome Surdaisy, Potato Vine, Setcreasea and Acalypha Fire Tail. These new arrivals are at our outside front Garden Center at Sneade’s Ace Home Center, Owings, MD.  


Summertime Delights – See How Our Garden Grows

Walking out my door every morning, I am anxious to see what new flower or plant has grown or bloomed.  Many of the flowers and plants that are in our yard came from Sneade’s Ace Home Center’s Garden Center.  Many were from bulbs.  In addition, we try to add some colorful annuals to the garden plans each year.  Gardening is a wonderful past time.  It is a celebration of our beautiful earth and what we can do with our own hands.  Yes, there are weeds and pruning that needs to be done but the rewards out way the tasks.  I get my camera out and just start snapping away.  I want to have that beauty with me so if I need to see something colorful and peaceful, I look on the phone or even better, I can walk out side.  So, put on your list to visit our Garden Center


Early Spring Vegetable Plants are Looking Good at Sneade’s Ace Home Center

  If you are looking for some healthy and vibrant starter plants, Sneade’s is the place to be.  We have a fresh crop of vegetable plants in stock at both of our stores. Broccoli cauliflower snow crown island Brussel Sprouts Big Boston Lettuce Swiss Chard Bright Lights Strawberry Sunshine Blue Blueberries


Roses are In at Sneade’s Ace Home Center

Beautiful Roses are in!       We have available the following type of roses for your rose garden: Hybrid Tea Roses  –  Long Stem Roses Florabunda Roses  –  Stem with more roses Grandflora Roses   –  Larger and more roses Climbing Roses      –  Climb and cluster of roses Shrub Roses          –  Short and bushy plant Looking for a deep red:   Mr. Lincoln is the one for you. Moon Dance is very fragrant.   Helpful Hint:  When pruning  leave 3/4 of the bush.  

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