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Quick Ways to Insulate Your Home

Easy Ways to Insulate Your Home Featured 2018

Quick Ways to Insulate Your Home Sneade’s Ace Home Center wanted to give homeowners quick and cost effective ways to make a big impact on insulating their homes. Most homes stand to have areas where insulation can assist in more comfort and lower electric bills. Seal the Cracks Take a look at this quick video showing you the best way to seal cracks and gaps around your house. Insulation is Easy Insulating your attic, crawlspace or unfinished wall may seem daunting but most homeowners are capable of insulating their homes. Using pre-cut or rolled fiberglass insulation to insulate between studs is a great way to insulate your home from the outdoor elements. Safety To protect your skin and eyes, grab a jeans, a long sleeve shirt, goggles, and gloves. Tools Your simple tool list will consist of a razor knife, measuring tape, a 3-4” putty knife and a straight edge. Installation


4 Reasons Why to Choose Wood Pellets

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Considered more convenient, Pellet fuel appliances are significantly more efficient versus a traditional fireplace or wood burning stove. Wood Pellets are considered the cleanest solid fuel and is widely used in our Anne Arundel and Calvert County homes. Compared to traditional wood, Pellets produce very little air pollution. Compared to heating oil and propane, Pellets are almost half the current market prices. Price upfront Pellet stoves are not as costly as you may think. The typical installation cost between $1500 and $3000. Typically, this price is less than a traditional wood burning stove and drastically less expensive compared to installing a fireplace, chimney , and flue. The investment of installing a Pellet stove can be recouped in as soon as one season. Afterward, conservative estimates show that a Wood Pellet Stove can produce a return on your investment of up to 49% annually. Environment According to the EPA the efficiency


Accent Planks by Inteplast

Accent Planks Featured

Inteplast Accent Planks Want the look of real wood with out the hassle of a big set up, and costly maintenance? Sneade’s is happy to introduce, Inteplast Accent Planks. Your best option to achieve that real wood look. Easy to install and removable, Accent Planks are not permanently attached so, if you like, mix things up. No wall prep needed, and no wall damage when installed.  A great DYI project and if you are install off center or misaligned you can easily remove, adjust and replace your accent plank. Accent planks are ideal for high humidity areas such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. The possibilities are endless. Wall art, full wall covering, bed headboard, clad for your kitchen island or counter backslash. Let your imagination inspire you, show your unique style with Accent Planks. Product Highlights Easy to do and does not require hammers or nails More moisture resistant than


Pressure Treated Wood. New Standards Create New Demand

Now is the time to build that deck or work on that project because not only has the quality has gotten better, but you can save big when shopping with Sneade’s Quality, safety, and durability are all words that help describe the difference between treated and untreated wood. Many homeowners and contractors know of these two types, treated and untreated. But did you know that there are different grades of treated wood for different applications? In fact, recently a new standard was introduced in 2015 to the International Residential Code (IRC) by The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) that requires Ground Contact UC4A treated wood to be used in various applications. So now many stores offer all three, untreated, treated and Ground Contact UC4A. With this new requirement, you could image that planning out and purchasing quality lumber for your project had become more difficult. At Sneade’s Ace Home Center



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