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Spring Plants are In!

What a great way to really think spring is around the corner.  March 20, 2014 is the First Day of Spring.  We have some beautiful primrose, pansy and ranunculus available.


Hydrangeas: True Blue or Tickled Pink

  Hydrangeas:  True Blue or Tickled Pink? See this great article from the www. webpage.  



  In cool-season   northern states, a blend of permanent grasses is best, as long as about 90   percent of the mixture is desirable permanent lawn grasses. Unblended grasses,   such as pure Bermuda grass, do well in warm-season southern states where   temperatures exceed 80°F. Warm-season grasses are known for being durable and   requiring less watering than cool-season grasses, but they do have a stronger   tendency to grow weeds. It is also important to know that many newer types of   warm-season grasses cannot be started from seed. They must be set out as   plantings. Warm-season grasses include common Bermuda grass, zoysia,   centipede and carpetgrass. By contrast, cool-season   grasses do well in northern and central states where the temperature can   range from 60-75°F. If they are grown in a climate where it is too warm they   tend to brown. Cool-season grasses


How to Combat Common Lawn Problems

When it comes to your lawn, the biggest problem you should have to face this summer is getting your kids to actually mow it once in a while. Just like a car, regular maintenance is the first step in avoiding serious lawn problems. This involves fertilizing, generally four or five times per year with annual programs from your local Ace Hardware. Frequent mowings to maintain grass height between 2″and 3″will also keep your lawn healthy. If blights do strike your lawn, however, here is the battle plan that will return it to glory: Weeds You must first get to know these unsightly lawn and garden invaders, which fall into three categories: annuals (one-year life cycle, spreads lots of seeds), biennials (two-year life cycle, spreads seeds in second year) and perennials (more than a two-year life cycle, seeds spread in second year and beyond). The best time to destroy weeds is


Fertilizer: Why Do You Need It?

Fertilizer: Why Do You Need It?                         All lawns are deficient in nitrogen because grass quickly uses up the natural supply; some also need phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizers help to replace these ingredients for a healthier and greener lawn. The Three Common Types of Fertilizers There are three common types of fertilizers: natural organic, inorganic and synthetic organic. Natural organic fertilizers, such as manure, do not dissolve in water. They are converted to usable forms by microorganisms in the soil. They help to create proper physical growing conditions, but can add disease or weeds to the lawn. Inorganic fertilizers (ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate) do dissolve in water and become readily available to plants. They can cause fast growth for a few weeks, but can also cause foliage burn if improperly applied. Synthetic organic fertilizers (ureafoam, methylene urea) provide



Lawn care Tips to Keep it Green All Season Long Let’s face it, your lawn has seen better days… There are bare spots everywhere and the greenish color you see appears to be coming from all the weeds popping up rather than your grass. While you thought the high-priced lawn service you hired last year would fix the problem, it just wasn’t the case. So there’s only one thing left to do – take matters back into your own hands. Before you get started restoring your lawn this spring, take some time to develop a plan of attack. With the proper knowledge, a little patience and a trip to your local Ace Hardware for needed supplies, in no time your lawn will be well on its way to recovery. Getting Started The good news is that your lawn can probably be restored without starting from scratch. While there are steps


Outdoor Living 2014

Go to our Outdoor Living Page to see a slideshow of some of the new and exciting patio sets available at both of our Sneade’s Ace Home Center locations.  There are many eye-catching, sophisticated and relaxing sets and styles available.  Each of our stores have the complete  2014 Outdoor Living catalogs available.  Please stop in and take one home.  



I know with snow and ice on the ground it is hard to think about spring.  Spring is 17 days away, March 20, 2014.  We have lined-up some great deals to help you get your yard and home ready for spring spruce-up.  See our Hot Deal page for the March Red Hot Buys and Instant Savings.

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