Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Summer

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Spring is the best time to get your lawn ready for the hot summer months ahead. Creating a strong resilient lawn will always give your lawn the best chance for surviving the next Maryland heatwave. Our Lawn and Garden Experts here at Sneade’s Ace Home Center have a few tips they want to share to help ensure that this is your best lawn and garden season ever.

If you have started with Scott’s 4 Step Program, or Ace’s 4 Step Program you are already well on your way. By now you have put down your Step 1 Crabgrass Prevention and Step 2 Dandelion and Weed Prevention. Both giving your lawn a boost with fertilizer.


The root system of grasses can get quite thick and to put it simply it can be a big clumpy mess below the surface. A great way to clear way and promote new healthy roots is to aerate your lawn. Aerating simply means to puncture holes or remove plugs from the soil leaving a small void. This newly formed space is quickly inhabited by new fresh roots. Aeration also promotes root depth. Experts recommend that your lawn be aerated every 1 to 3 years. Strong roots mean a strong green lawn that can stand up to the heat of July and August.

Break Out the Rake

Rake? Yes the rake. Over the winter, seasonal weeds and invasive grasses have died off leaving decay and thatch. These dead underlying debris can really make it hard for your grass to thrive. Rake your lawn from end to end and try to remove as much compaction and thatching that you can, leaving fresh soil for new grass to germinate on.

A Little Fertilizer Goes a Long Way

Nutrients is what your grass needs now to get tough for the Summer months ahead. You’ve prepped your lawn, and now its time to promote growth.

Great Products to get started with include;

Ace Lawn Fertilizer

Ace Weed and Feed

Scott’s Turf Builder

Scott’s Weed and Feed

As well as Scott’s 4 Step and Ace 4 Step Programs which are an easy to use annual lawn care program.

Fill the Gaps

A few bare spots may remain in your lawn. Since Spring is well underway, you are already behind schedule for planting grass which is usually done in the fall. A great product to fill bare spots in a hurry is Scotts EZ Seed.

Mowing During the Summer

Mowing can be tricky during summer months. If you cut more than 1/3 of the blade at a time you risk damage. In Maryland our Experts recommend weekly mowing. This keeps from cutting too much off at once.

Raise the blades in the summer. Our experts recommend a 3″ lawn height. This extra length shades the soil and roots allowing for protection and hydration.

Keep the Gardens Looking Good

Healthy gardens, full of shrubs, flowers and vegetables are important too. Routine inspections are needed to make sure insects are not taking over. Grubs, grasshoppers, aphids and slugs would love to make a meal of your leaves and roots. Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer is a great choice, coming in both granular and spray options.

Mulching = Moisture

Mulching is essential to healthy gardens. The summer sun evaporates water at an unbelievable rate. In fact, did you know if you run your sprinkler during the day, that half of the water evaporates before it gets a chance to land on the lawn?

Mulch keeps the soil insulated from the elements locking in ideal temperatures and moisture. Not just for looks, mulch plays a very important role in a healthy garden.


As just mentioned watering during the day is not beneficial to your lawn or the environment. It is true that your lawn will need a lot of water during the Summer months but make every drop count. Water your lawn at night or before 6 AM every day. It is best to apply water slower rather than faster and allow for the water to penetrate the soil to the roots and avoid runoff.

Our Lawn and Garden Experts are happy to help with all of your lawn and gardening needs. Stop by either Sneade’s Ace Home Center stores to make this your best ever lawn and garden season.


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