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11 Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Entire Family

We love everything the Fall season brings: the colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, football game tailgating, and most of all Halloween! Every year customers stroll through our store searching for unique, fun, and spooky ways to decorate. This year is no different! We have put together some cute and creepy Halloween decorating ideas for the entire family.

1. DIY Potion Bottles and Jars

Raid the recycling bin for old glass bottles, such as wine, ketchup, sparkling water, or jelly jars. Spray paint them black or gray and attach fun homemade or printable labels.

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2. Fill Up Your Hearth

Sure, it is fun to display pumpkins on your front porch or in your yard. But, consider stacking and piling decorated pumpkins in your unused fireplace and around your hearth.

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3. Spooky Silhouettes

Find patterns and cut out whimsical silhouettes to hang in your windows or on mirrors. They add a simple, elegant, and a frightening touch of creepy around your home.

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4. Pumpkin Centerpiece Vase

Pumpkins make for great centerpiece vases for flowers and plants. There is no end to the amount of creativity and fun!

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5. Hanging Jack-O-Lanterns

Use fishing line to create a creepy floating effect for hanging artificial jack-o-lanterns from the ceiling. The line is almost invisible and lightweight yet sturdy enough. Use battery-powered lights to add an eerie glow effect.

6. Stylish Sparkly Pumpkins

With a couple of cans of spray paint, a bit of glitter, ribbon and a glue gun you can magically transform pumpkins from blah to fabulous.

7. Trick or Treat Lanterns

Turn old tin cans into whimsical lanterns. Remove all the labels. Use a hammer and nails to punch out spooky messages or images. Spray paint the cans fun Halloween colors. Place battery-powered candles inside to add luminescence either inside or outside your home.

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8. Mummy Mason Jars

There seems to be no end to the uses of mason jars! One fun project for Halloween is creating creepy mummy mason jars. It is a simple project for the whole family. Use them for treats or luminaries.

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9. Eerie Projectors

Add a spooky glow to your home with Halloween projectors, available in a variety of styles for any budget. These projectors are a simple, but, oh, so much fun!

10. Ghoulish Lights

Transform ordinary strings of light into something extraordinary. Use these directions to create ghoulish light garland that will instantly add charm inside or outside your home.

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11. Painted Pots

Pick up terracotta pots in a variety of sizes and paint them in Halloween inspired colors and patterns. Fill them with treats, plants or flowers. Like mason jars, with these clay pots, you are only limited by your imagination.

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In addition, many of the items featured to make these DIY decorations are featured in Sneade’s Ace Home Center’s October Red Hot Buys circular. So, you can even save money while you have fun creating. While shopping, pick up Halloween inspired lights and projectors to add that spooky Halloween feel.  Decorating ideas, another reason why Sneade’s Ace Home Center is your favorite place!


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