The Importance of Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care Featured

The Importance of Fall Lawn Care

The early fall brings beautiful weather. With the cooler days and lower humidity, it is the ideal time to get outside. Why not take advantage and spend some of that time preparing your lawn for next spring? With a little bit of effort, you will ensure your yard will weather through winter only to recover beautifully in the spring. You may think your yard needs less attention in the fall, but during this time of year, grasses are busily storing energy moisture and nutrients in preparation for the colder months ahead. These fall lawn care tips show how easy it can be to maintain your lush green lawn no matter what “Ole Man Winter” throws at it.

Keep Mowing

Grass continues to grow up until the first hard frost. If you let it get too high, it could mat and become vulnerable to fungi, like snow mold. However, take care not to cut it too short. That will stunt the root system and hinder your lawn’s ability to resist winter’s cold and dryness. Additionally, regular mowing helps mulch up pesky leaves, therefore enriching the yard. As autumn winds down, set your mower to a lower setting for the final two cuttings of the year. Doing so allows sunlight to penetrate to the crown of the grass, preventing browning.

Proper Hydration

As the temperatures get cooler, you must resist the temptation to let nature take its course. Many folks figure they do not need to water frequently in the fall. And, while the sun is less intense therefore causing less evaporation, the roots still need attention. Your lawn still will thrive with an inch of water per week. That way, the grass roots remain well hydrated and healthy going into the winter. Rain gauges are inexpensive and easy to use. You may realize that you need to keep irrigating even through the end of October. When the watering season ends, make sure you disconnect hoses or flush your irrigation system to avoid frozen pipes and spigots.

Importance of Aeration

Aerating your lawn helps prevent your lawn from becoming a gnarly tangle of thick roots, stems, and debris that blocks water, oxygen, and nutrients from the soil. Aerating punches a small hole through that thatch and allows fertilizer, water, and oxygen to feed your grassroots. You can rent a walk behind aerator, but if you have a large yard, you may consider hiring a landscaper.

Rake up Leaves

For many, this seems a chore. But consider that you are out in the beautiful weather and getting a bit of exercise. It is the easiest and safest of all lawn maintenance, so enlist the entire family’s  help! Leaves block the sunlight and trap moisture, a recipe for disaster for the turf trapped underneath. Come spring you will only discover dead grass under a soggy decaying mat.

Spread Some Seed

A dense lawn is one of the best protections against weeds. Scatter seeds to fill in bald spots or bare patches, but also over your entire lawn as well. The fall is a great time to over-seed because the ground is still warm, but the nights are cooler, and the sun is less brutal. Proper hydration will also ensure good germination and allow the seeds to take hold before the cold sets in. Brands like Ace and Scotts have created seeders and ready to use mixtures to make this task easier.

Weed and Feed

Experts recommend a good fertilizer or a “weed and feed” in the fall. A late application delivers essential nutrients and encourages deep root growth. Also, consider that weeds, like most other plants, are in an energy-absorbing mode during the fall. They attempt to absorb everything in preparation for the winter. Apply a herbicide now to prevent weeds in the spring.  A walk-behind spreader is best for optimal, consistent coverage.

Create a Schedule

Fall lawn care may seem tricky, but if you create a schedule, you will have a strategy to guide you through the season. Confused about how to create this timeline? The lawn experts at Sneade’s Ace Home Center are here to help. Allow us to answer all of your questions and show you the very best products available. Simple, easy, effective fall lawn care…another reason why Sneade’s Ace Home Center  is your favorite place!


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