Echo Lawn Equipment

ECHO PB 250LN Hand Held Blower

The Echo PB 250LN is the industry standard when it comes to light weight hand held blowers. This light weight 25.4 cc professional grade 2-stroke engine blows out an enormous 391 cubic feet of air per minute at a whopping 165 miles per hour. Another major ergonomic advantage of the PB 250LN is the exclusive rotational control, giving the user a huge reduction in arm and back fatigue.

PB-250LN_calloutsECHO GT 225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

The Echo GT 225 represents true quality and comfort with it’s 48″ curved shaft. The I-30 Starting system makes it effortless to get going. While the light but powerful 21.2 cc professional grade engine ensures continued comfort as you complete your projects though out the day.


ECHO SRM 225 Straight Shaft Trimmer

The Echo SRM 225 straight arm trimmer is very well reviewed scoring 4.8 out of 5 stars averaged over 1800 reviews.  This solid straight arm trimmer has a powerful 21.2 cc professional grade 2-stroke engine and a 14.2 fluid ounce fuel capacity. With the I-30 Starting System from Echo this is the easiest trimmer to start that you have ever owned.




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