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Echo Lawn Equiptment

ECHO PB 250LN Hand Held Blower

The Echo PB 250LN is the industry standard when it comes to light weight hand held blowers. This light weight 25.4 cc professional grade 2-stroke engine blows out an enormous 391 cubic feet of air per minute at a whopping 165 miles per hour. Another major ergonomic advantage of the PB 250LN is the exclusive rotational control, giving the user a huge reduction in arm and back fatigue.


The Echo Backpack Blower – PB580HT

When you need a bit more to get your job done, consider a Backpack Blower. If you research online you will find that when larger lawns are being considered almost all will tell you that the Backpack Blower saves both time and effort. The PB580HT models have both hip mounted and tube mounted throttles for your preference. Packing a powerful 58.2 cc two stroke engine and a 62 oz. fuel capacity this Backpack Blower is eager to get the job done. The bigger motor really packs a punch and is able to move 510 cubic feet per minute with air speeds exceeding 215 miles per hour. Only weighing 22 lbs. and with the addition of a padded backrest and shoulder straps the PB580HT is a delight to use compared to other models in its class. The pack is also vented allowing air to circulate around your body, keeping you cooler on warm days. Lastly PB580HT has one of the best manufactures warranty available, offering a 5-year consumer, and 2-year commercial warranty.

PB-580T callouts sneades


ECHO GT 225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

The Echo GT 225 represents true quality and comfort with it’s 48″ curved shaft. The I-30 Starting system makes it effortless to get going. While the light but powerful 21.2 cc professional grade engine ensures continued comfort as you complete your projects though out the day.


ECHO SRM 225 Straight Shaft Trimmer

The Echo SRM 225 straight arm trimmer is very well reviewed scoring 4.8 out of 5 stars averaged over 1800 reviews.  This solid straight arm trimmer has a powerful 21.2 cc professional grade 2-stroke engine and a 14.2 fluid ounce fuel capacity. With the I-30 Starting System from Echo this is the easiest trimmer to start that you have ever owned.


bearcat pressure washers featured

Echo BearCat Pressure Washers

Cleaning up around the house or job site just got easier. Take a look at some of the Echo BearCat Pressure Washers that Sneade’s Ace has in stock.

BearCat PW1813E Pressure Washer

echo PW1813E

Make quick work of messes around the yard with the PW1813E from Echo BearCat. This electric pressure washer is very powerful and provides 1800 psi of pressure. Easily clean cars, trucks, decks, fences, patios and more all while using 80% less water than a traditional garden hose.

BearCat PW2014E Pressure Washer

echo PW2014EThis Echo BearCat electric pressure washer will be your favorite lawn and garden item. Featuring a 1.4 GPM this pressure washer operates at 2,000 psi of pressure. Remarkably all accomplished while using 80% less water than a traditional garden hose.

BearCat PW3100B Pressure Washer

echo PW3001BSometimes bigger is better and for tougher jobs you will be glad you chose the Echo BearCat PW3100B. This gas model features a 212cc engine, producing 2.3 GPM and over 3000 psi. From property owners to business owners, the PW3100B gets the job done in less time with less water.


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