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Sneade’s Ace Home Center wanted to give homeowners quick and cost effective ways to make a big impact on insulating their homes. Most homes stand to have areas where insulation can assist in more comfort and lower electric bills.

Insulation is Easy

Insulating your attic, crawlspace or unfinished wall may seem daunting but most homeowners are capable of insulating their homes. Using pre-cut or rolled fiberglass insulation to insulate between studs is a great way to insulate your home from the outdoor elements.

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To protect your skin and eyes, grab a jeans, a long sleeve shirt, goggles, and gloves.


Your simple tool list will consist of a razor knife, measuring tape, a 3-4” putty knife and a straight edge.

Installation Tips

When installing fiberglass batts follow these simple tips to ensure maximum performance.

  • Fill all gaps.  Make sure that your batts are pushed all the way back in between the studs and there are no gaps in coverage.
  • Split around cables.  If you encounter any wires or cables, it is recommended that you split the batt, allowing half of the insulation to fall behind the wire and half of the insulation to fall in front of the wire.
  • Cut your batts a little longer.  For a tighter fit and to ensure less gaps, cut your batts and extra half inch to an inch.
  • Cutting advice.  Hold up the batt to the location you want to fill.  If trimming is needed, we suggest cutting in place against the bare stud. This will to ensure an accurate fit.  It is better to have a little large piece than a piece that is too small.
  • Use your putty knife for tight spaces.  Using a 3” putty knife push insulation into small gaps, especially around windows and door frames.

Places to Insulate Your Home

Places to Insulate your Home

Reduce Drafts

Common draft areas occur in three areas generally.  Doors, Windows, and Fixtures.  

First address your doors.  On a sunny day, close your door and inspect for light penetration.  If you can see any light peering through, you need to address the situation.  Inexpensive door insulation kits are available for this often easy repair.  Replacing the strips around the door and replacing or adding a sweep at the bottom can significantly reduce air infiltration.  In addition, ensure that the frame is caulked from the exterior.

Now to inspect your windows. On a windy winter day, hold your hand up to your window. Can you feel air coming in? Windows can be a bit tricky when replacing weatherstripping but there are some tips for quickly reducing drafts around your windows. Firstly caulk is fairly easy to apply, so ensure that your windows’ frame is sealed from the exterior (do not caulk windows shut). Another great way to get two birds with one stone is to update your interior window dressings.  Many curtains, blinds, and drapes are specifically designed to address such issues.  Updating your window dressings reduces drafts, and livens up the room.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to apply any of these tips or what products to use please let a Sneade’s Ace Home Center Associate know.  We are happy to help our customers get everything they need in one place.


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