CeCe Caldwell’s Paints – How To Instructions


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Paint Instructions for Use:

Clean and dry object to be painted. Vigorously

shake can for 1-2 minutes. Remove lid and stir

thoroughly, pulling the bottom paint up to the top.

With a good quality brush or roller, apply one coat.

Allow paint to dry (2-4 hours). As the paint dries it is

going to become much lighter than it is when it is

wet. Apply second coat, if needed, and allow to

dry again. You can run a fi ne grit sanding block over

your piece before or after you wax.

Ingredients: Water, Clay, Porcelain Clay, Chalk, Alcohol Ester (as a

binder) Cellulose, Pigments, Preservative. No VOC’s, No Vinyl

Acrylics, No Acrylic Copolymers, No Formaldehydes.

Clear Wax Instructions for Use:

Clear Wax should be applied in a thin, even coat

with a brush or lint-free cloth. Wipe away excess, it

should feel wet, but not slimy. The surface should

then be thoroughly buffed with a dry cloth or

finishing pad after 2-4 hours. For an even harder

finish, the wax can be rebuffed 2-4 days after the

initial buffing. This product requires several weeks

to fully cure. Freshly waxed surfaces should be kept

free of moisture and heavy use traffic for about a

week or so. For continued shine and protection, reapply

the clear wax every 6-12 months under normal


Ingredients: Beeswax, Linseed Oil, Orange Peel Oil (D-Limonene), Isoaliphatics,

Carnauba Wax, Larch Resin, Essential Oils, and Lead-free

Dryers (Zircon, Cobalt, Octoat).

Waxing Cream Instructions for Use:

Apply a VERY thin coat of Waxing Cream. Similar to

the amount that you would have on a paint brush

if you were dry brushing with paint. SPARINGLY is the

word! You should remove the excess by wiping off

with a soft cloth or paper towel. Rub/buff in with

a cloth/rag. Most find this thin, fi rst coat is ALL that

is needed. It shines up quickly with a light buffing.

Then you can immediately add a second coat

if with any wax is over applying it. With all waxes, you

will achieve best results if you do 2 light coats versus

one heavy coat. If you are getting splotching – you

have applied to much.

Note:  There may be some separation occurring in shipment, You may need to

stir before first use!

Ingredients: Beeswax, Clarified Linseed Oil, D-Limonene, Carnauba

Wax, Essential Oils, and Lead-free Dryers.

Aging Cream (Light & Dark)

Instructions for Use:

Before first use stir well, as the pigment has a

tendency to settle to the bottom of container. Easy

to do, just put the container in a microwave and

heat at 50% power for 1 to 11/2 minutes then stir.

Apply sparingly with a soft brush to surface that

has been treated with Clear Wax or Satin Finish. It

becomes thin (like an oil) as you work with it. Feather

into areas that you want to appear aged. Leave

more cream in the areas that you want the deeper

pigmentation. Remove all cream from areas that

you do not want an aged appearance. Allow to

rest 15-20 minutes, before wiping away all excess.

Apply a second coat if needed for deeper color.

The cream takes longer to dry than wax. Do not over

saturate your area with the aging cream. Build color

slowly. Use only a soft cloth to buff. Aging Cream

goes on much lighter, straight from the container,

than most dark waxes. For a harder finish, apply

a coat of the Clear Wax several days after the

application of the Aging Cream. Aging Cream and

all pigmented waxes take practice. Always work on

a sample board prior to first use. Different personal

techniques can achieve similar results. Practicing

on sample boards helps you develop your personal

application method that works best for your desired


Ingredients: Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural

Pigment. (Flammable – Keep Away From Children

Satin Finish Instructions for Use:

Satin Finish is a durable topcoat. Stir well before use.

It should be applied over painted surfaces in a thin,

even coat with a fine brush, foam brush, or foam

roller. For ease of application, it can be applied

diluted with approximately 30% water, using several

light coats to achieve a durable finish. For a hand

waxed feel, after final coat of Satin Finish has dried

completely, you may apply Clear Wax on top of

the Satin Finish. Give your piece a light sanding with

very high grit sand paper, or crumpled brown craft

paper, then wax if you prefer. This product requires

several weeks to fully cure. Freshly finished surfaces

should be kept free of moisture and heavy objects

for 30 days. Heavy use should be avoided for a

week or so. A single coat Satin Finish may be diluted

with 1/2 water 1/ Satin Finish for use on projects not

receiving daily use (for example, a picture frame).

Do not use Satin Finish over wax!

Ingredients: Water, Cellulose, Alcohol Ester, Silica, Carnauba Wax,

Clay, Surfactant and Preservative.

Clear Glaze Instructions for Use:

For best results Glaze should be applied over a Satin

finish or waxed surface. finish with a light application

of clear wax. Clear Glaze can be tinted with dry

pigments, universal tints or CeCe Caldwell’s Paints

to achieve the desired color or it can be used clear

to give a light sheen to décor items that will not be

used regularly (i.e. picture frames). A prep layer of

uncolored Clear Glaze is recommended for novice

users as it allows more open time to work with the

colored Glaze. Into needed amount of Clear Glaze

add a few drops of the CeCe Caldwell’s Paints

until reaching the preferred shade. Mix well. Apply

with brush, sponge or rag to furniture. Work in small

sections and keep a wet edge. Glaze can be

moved around on surface to create the desired

look. Generally, the color is more concentrated

around decorative details and outer edges and

becomes more subtle toward the center of a flat

surface. However, it can be used for an overall aged

effect. A finish coat of Satin Finish is recommended

to give your piece a durable surface.

Ingredients: Cellulose, Alcohol Ester, Silica, Carnauba Wax, Clay,

Water and Preservative.

Aging Dust Instructions for Use:

Apply a thin coat of Clear Wax or Waxing Cream to

project piece. While wax is still tacky, sprinkle a small

amount of Aging Dust onto crevices, carved details,

corners and other areas that would have naturally

collected dust over the decades. Work the Aging

Dust into these areas with a soft brush. Spread excess

toward flat surfaces. Let sit for 20-30 minutes while

wax dries. Remove any excess with a soft cloth. Buff

item well after wax has dried completely.


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