New Old Bay, Maryland and Crab T-shirts Have Arrived!!

You can always use a new t-shirt or two?  


Sneade’s Dogwood Seedling Care Sheet

PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS   How to properly plant bare-root tree and shrub seedlings: When planting a bare-root seedling, please keep in mind the following: 1.) Even though the tree is not growing, it is very fragile! 2.) The plants are very sensitive to temperature—the lower the better! 3.) The plants are sensitive to prolonged periods of excessive or deprived moisture–avoid both. 4.) One study has shown that plants left in the sun on a 85 degree, windy day for just two minutes(!)–without protection on their roots–resulted in a 95% mortality!   Knowing this–do the following for the best results: Caring for your plants upon arrival:   1.) Upon receiving your plants–if they are not packaged with a moist medium, like sphagnum moss or wet newspaper–get some moisture carrying medium and immediately surround the roots with this product. 2.) Keep the tops dry and exposed to the air. 3.) Keep the plants


New Plants and Flowers Have Arrived at Sneade’s Ace Garden Center Lusby, Maryland

We have new plant arrivals at Sneade’s Ace Home Center, 11861 H. G. Trueman Rd, Lusby, MD.  Tomatoes, herbs, peppers, marigolds, shrubs, azaleas, evergreens, hanging plants, geraniums,  petunias, variegated planters and more.  Visit our beautiful garden center and you feel like you are walking into an OASIS.  


April Instant Savings Sale Starts Today!

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31 Days of Color Sweepstakes

Ace will be giving away one $10,000 paint makeover, which will consist of an in-person, custom room design and color consultation by an Ace Design Expert as well as all the paint, paint supplies, labor and furnishings up to $10,000. Customers can enter at least once a day on from March 1 – 31 by simply submitting their name, phone number and email address. In addition to the sweepstakes, Ace will be giving away a daily Ace gift card every day through the end of March.  The daily gift card amount will vary each day up to $1,000.  The varying daily amount is meant to encourage users to keep coming back.  Customers can enter once each day for their chance to win the daily gift card.  Those who enter the daily gift card are automatically entered into the $10,000 sweepstakes as well.

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