Echo has a Deal that will Blow Your Lawn Away

Echo Professional Grade Leaf Blowers

Echo, the leader in the handheld Lawn Care industry, introducing its first Knapsack Backpack Duster in 1950. Echo’s headquarters are based outside of Chicago in Lake Zurich, IL, USA. With over 540,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, the majority of ECHO products are Assembled in the USA from domestic and foreign parts and components. The Echo Hand-Held Blower – PB250LN Packing power and delivering for homeowners and professionals alike. This model is highly reviewed and you will not be disappointed. The PB250LN has a forceful blowing power of 391 cubic feet per minute and air speeds of 165 miles per hour. The PB250LN is top of its class when it comes to technical advances. More power does not equal more weight. The PB250LN has a 25.4 cc professional grade two stroke engine and is also considered to be one of the lightest in its class. The ergonomically correct blower weighs


Expert Tips, How to Attract Birds this Winter

Expert Tips, How to Attract Birds this Winter Tip 1 – Add water and make a splash! Adding a bird bath will significantly increase the amount of birds in your yard. Throughout the year birds get a significant amount of water from their food, such as insects and berries. When supplies dwindle, birds will seek out additional sources. Migrating birds seek out these much needed watery rest stops. Additionally, keeping a bird bath or fountain throughout the winter will actually help birds stay warmer. Birds use the water to clean their feathers which promotes natural oils and helps birds stay more insulated. Tip 2 – Provide plenty of the RIGHT seed.  Black-oil sunflower seed is a major stable for birds in the winter months. Striped sunflower seed is still fine but the Black-oil seed has a thinner shell and a much larger kernel, making it a win-win for the birds


We Want Our Customers to Have the Best Sale Prices!

We have extended our wood pellet sale so our customers can get the best price on wood pellets!  


Pressure Treated Wood. New Standards Create New Demand

Now is the time to build that deck or work on that project because not only has the quality has gotten better, but you can save big when shopping with Sneade’s Quality, safety, and durability are all words that help describe the difference between treated and untreated wood. Many homeowners and contractors know of these two types, treated and untreated. But did you know that there are different grades of treated wood for different applications? In fact, recently a new standard was introduced in 2015 to the International Residential Code (IRC) by The American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) that requires Ground Contact UC4A treated wood to be used in various applications. So now many stores offer all three, untreated, treated and Ground Contact UC4A. With this new requirement, you could image that planning out and purchasing quality lumber for your project had become more difficult. At Sneade’s Ace Home Center


5 Expert Tips Why Seed in the Fall


Why Seed Your Lawn in the Fall Many of our Sneade’s Ace Home Center customers frequently ask, when is the best time to plant grass seed? Often the answer is the Fall, but why is the Fall the best time to start a new lawn or over seed an existing lawn? The experts in our lawn and garden departments lend their advice as to why to choose the Fall for best results. Expert Tip #1 – Let us start with the almighty Maryland humidity and heat during the summer months. Warmer days tend to strip the moisture away from the seeds and seedlings not allowing for germination. With cooler weather younger plants have a stronger chance to survive. Expert Tip #2 – By planting in the fall you are giving your seeds an extra advantage. You are allowing for a full fall and spring seasons for your young grass to


Go for the Gold. “Gold Finches”

golden finches featured

As I look out my windows and see “Lots of Gold–Gold Finches” on a nearby feeder.  Many people call what I’m looking at “wild canaries.” The male’s bright yellow body and long warbling song fit the name well.  Check out your favorite field guide, and you’ll soon discover that these common familiar birds are formally called American Gold Finches. When they have a place to perch and fresh seed, gold finches will put on quite a show. Gold Finches are recognized by their black wings and tail and black cap.  Females have a greenish and a yellow front and no cap. In early fall, gold finches molt.  That is , they replace their worn, tattered feathers with a set of fresh, new feathers. The appearance of these beautiful creatures after molting changes drastically at this time.  The brilliant yellow body feathers are replaced by dull brownish plumes and the stricking


How-to for Hummingbirds

Humming Birds Featured Image

Mel often shares the phrase “Nature is God’s Stress Reliever–Take a Moment Today to Listen to the Birds Sing!”  Whether it’s Purple Martins, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Hummingbirds, Orioles, Goldfinches or others–we’ll do our best in the months ahead to help you successfully attract and enjoy your favorites. Want more hummingbirds?  Tie a big red ribbon around an old oak tree.  Dig out hose Christmas decorations and attach red bows on your deck, yard crane, or other places you want to attract hummingbirds.  Red = Food for hummingbirds, and they’ll come by to check out your bow.  Then have some red blooming flowers or a “clean” hummingbird feeder ready for them to enjoy and benefit from.  Remember by “tax day”, April 15, to not only give the government its due, but also hummingbirds.  Have your feeder up by then.  I stress, you must keep hummingbird feeders “clean”, as feeding from a dirty


NuVo H2O House Water Softener Systems On Sale – Big Savings!

Hurry into each of the Sneade’s Ace Home Center locations to see the Big Savings on each of the NuVo H20 House Water Softener Systems.  Watch the nuvo h20 youtube video on our Specialty  Brands page.  Learn about how this innovative system that can save you money.  Prevent. Protect. Save.

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