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Painting Project Tips

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Painting Project Tips Starting a do-it-yourself painting project may seem overwhelming. You must make sure you have the right products for the project. Picking the right product can be confusing. In addition, different mediums require different applications. The key to it all is to keep it simple. Even if you are attempting a large project or a complicated faux finish, focus on one step at a time. Here are some painting project tips that can help you stay organized. Prep the Surface Carefully inspect the walls, trim, and ceiling for any cracks, holes, or peeling paint. Wipe down walls, remove cobwebs in the corners, and dust the trim. If you are tackling the exterior of your home, you should pressure wash the entire surface. Fill in any holes and scrape and sand away peeling paint. Apply painter’s tape around trim or where the wall and ceiling meet. Make sure to


Quick Ways to Insulate Your Home

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Sneade’s Ace Home Center wanted to give homeowners quick and cost effective ways to make a big impact on insulating their homes. Most homes stand to have areas where insulation can assist in more comfort and lower electric bills. Insulation is Easy Insulating your attic, crawlspace or unfinished wall may seem daunting but most homeowners are capable of insulating their homes. Using pre-cut or rolled fiberglass insulation to insulate between studs is a great way to insulate your home from the outdoor elements. Safety To protect your skin and eyes, grab a jeans, a long sleeve shirt, goggles, and gloves. Tools Your simple tool list will consist of a razor knife, measuring tape, a 3-4” putty knife and a straight edge. Installation Tips When installing fiberglass batts follow these simple tips to ensure maximum performance. Fill all gaps.  Make sure that your batts are pushed all the way back in between


Things to Think About When a Big Storm is Coming

Things to Think About When a Big Storm is Coming Featured

Enjoy the beauty of mother nature after the big storm by being prepared.  Southern Maryland is one of the most beautiful places on earth when we are blessed with a fresh coat of snow.  Unfortunately the storms that bring us this beauty can be fierce and can catch us off guard.  The Experts at Sneade’s have come up with some tips on how to stay safe and comfortable with your family during a storm. Check your HVAC system.  Now is the time to take a look at your heating and air conditioning system.  Make sure to Change Your Filter!  Cold weather for several days can put a strain on your system and many break down on the coldest of days. You do not want to be the 43rd in line to have a repairman come out during a polar vortex. Stock up on Wood Pellets.  Many homeowners are turning to wood pellets as


Blues are Red Hot

Muted colors top the list as consumers seek to create calm, nurturing environments. Americans love the blues. This year they’re looking to create an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility in their homes, and blue delivers. In Ace Hardware’s 2011 consumer color preference study, blues and neutrals were the clear winners, followed by whites and greens (see chart for all results). Blues even showed up as tints in other color families, lending cool tones to greens, whites and grays. The top three blues are soft, pale shades that convey a sense of calm as well as sophistication. “Pale colors create a serene environment in which people can de-stress and feel comfortable,” says Janet Davidson, marketing manager. “This year, the top picks in all the color families, including reds and purples, were subtle and muted.” “It’s about creating warmth without weight,” says Davidson. We developed our new Clark+KensingtonTM paint with this kind


Solutions for Your Home – Concrete Or Cement?

According to the Portland Cement Association, British stonemason Joesph Aspin is credited with mixing up the first batch of cement in his kitchen in 1824. He found that mixing ground-up quarried limestone, shells or chalk, shale,, clay, and sand or iron ore, and heating the mixture in giant rotating kilns at 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, produced cement pellets. When ground up, these pellets produced the fine, gray powder we recognize as cement. There are actually eight types of Portland cement, each with slightly different qualities. As for concrete, it is a mixture of cement, gravel, stone (aggregates), and sand, and water, which together create a solid mass. Are you planning a project that involves concrete or cement? Are you certain you know which one to use? If you have any questions about which material is best for your DIY project, you need to talk to one of our expert staff members.


Solutions for Your Home – More Than Just Hanging On New

These metallic supports transfer loads from the joist to the support and come in three basic types. Face-mounting joist hangers fabricated from 12- to 18-gauge galvanized steel and are pre-punched to receive 10d to 16d nails, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. When heavier loads are called for, top-mounting joist hangers may be specified. They are fabricated from galvanized or hot-rolled steel, which is coated with corrosion-resisting primer. Integral straps tie the hanger to the tops of the support. Skewed joist hangers are designed to carry joists that don’t run perpendicular to the support. Building a roof or floor is a big job that’s going to take a lot of hardware, tools, and know-how. That’s why you should come to our shop. We have everything you need to tackle any job around the house, from hanging a picture to hanging a floor joist. HINT: Skewed joist hangers come in a variety


Solutions For Your Home – The Trickle-Down Effect

While this is certainly a possibility, it is more likely that the water stain stems from condensation. If the ducts leading from the fan through the attic to the roof are not properly insulated, moist air from the house will condense inside the ducting and will stream back toward the ceiling. If so, the first step in correcting this problem is to head up to the attic and see if there is any insulation encapsulating the ducting. In some cases, the insulation might have come loose and simply needs reapplying. We have everything you need to fix a problem with your bathroom fan, no matter what the cause. From insulation to power tools, if you need it then we stock it. But more importantly, we also have a staff of on-site experts who can help you diagnose the problems and prevent it from happening again, that’s going to save you


Solutions For Your Home – Square Deal

By precisely measuring 45- and 90-degree angles, the combination square is often called upon to create miter joints in addition to marking lines, measuring thickness, checking for square, and making other measurements. For instance, combination squares can be used to check the depth of cuts or to assure the straightness of the blade on a circular saw. To make sure that the combination square itself is square, extend its blade as far as possible and scribe a 90-degree angle along the blade. Then flip the tool over and scribe another line which should be perfectly parallel. “Measure twice, cut once” applies to every aspect of a project, angles as well as length. We have all the tools you’ll need to make sure you are plumb, straight, and true, from combination squares to measuring tapes to levels. HINT: A quality combination square has a blade with easy-to-read markings and a cast-iron


Solutions For Your Home – Pretty Gritty Stuff

Aluminum oxide, probably the most common, has a high degree of “friability.” which means that it fragments under heat and pressure. This is a good thing because fragmenting creating new “cutting edges. In a sense, then it is self-sharpening. Silicone carbide, which is harder than aluminum oxide, is better suited to cutting harder materials than wood, such as metal and fiberglass. Ceramic, the hardest abrasive, is generally available on belt sander-belts in lower grits for shaping and leveling wood. Finally, garnet, the softest abrasive, is not friable and wears out faster, but it cuts smoother than the others. Clearly, there are a lot of factors that go into making even a simple decision like which soft of sandpaper to use. If you have any questions, you need to ask one of our friendly staff members. We will be happy to explain the different sorts of sandpaper and which one to

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