Expert Tips, How to Attract Birds this Winter

how to attract birds this winter featured

Expert Tips, How to Attract Birds this Winter

Tip 1 – Add water and make a splash! Adding a bird bath will significantly increase the amount of birds in your yard. Throughout the year birds get a significant amount of water from their food, such as insects and berries. When supplies dwindle, birds will seek out additional sources. Migrating birds seek out these much needed watery rest stops. Additionally, keeping a bird bath or fountain throughout the winter will actually help birds stay warmer. Birds use the water to clean their feathers which promotes natural oils and helps birds stay more insulated.

Tip 2 – Provide plenty of the RIGHT seed.  Black-oil sunflower seed is a major stable for birds in the winter months. Striped sunflower seed is still fine but the Black-oil seed has a thinner shell and a much larger kernel, making it a win-win for the birds and your budget.

Mixed seed is essential but it’s important that you go for quality over quantity. There is such a thing as bad mixed seed.  Low quality mixed seed is typically loaded with filler seeds that most of our regional birds do not care for. Try to avoid grocery store brands that commonly contain seed meant for pet birds or birds that are not common to the North East.  Ace brand mixed bird seed has been found to be very high quality among local bird enthusiasts.

Tip 3 – A Fall clean up and inventory check is needed.  It’s been a long summer and there has been quite a bit of activity in your yard already.  Now is the time to prime your yard for the dozens of migratory bird species coming your way.  Clean out old nests and bird houses.  By now they are caked with droppings and are quite a mess.  After clearing out, place some dry grass in the bottom to provide a safe place on a cold night or foul weather day.

Check your feeder inventory.  Are your feeders still sturdy, clean, attractive and ready for winter?  Often it is time to replace. If that is the case, Sneade’s Ace Home Center has a very large bird center at both their Owings, and Lusby locations.  Sneade’s Ace Home Center carries brands such as Droll, Squirrel Defender, Squirrel X, Perky Pet, Aspects, Songbird Essentials and Audubon. Our expert staff can answer all of your birding questions.


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