Echo Bear Cat Pressure Washers

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Echo BearCat Pressure Washers

Cleaning up around the house or job site just got easier. Take a look at some of the Echo BearCat Pressure Washers that Sneade’s Ace has in stock.

BearCat PW1813E Pressure Washer

echo PW1813E

Make quick work of messes around the yard with the PW1813E from Echo BearCat. This electric pressure washer is very powerful and provides 1800 psi of pressure. Easily clean cars, trucks, decks, fences, patios and more all while using 80% less water than a traditional garden hose

BearCat PW2014E Pressure Washer

echo PW2014EThis Echo BearCat electric pressure washer will be your favorite lawn and garden item. Featuring a 1.4 GPM this pressure washer operates at 2,000 psi of pressure. Remarkably all accomplished while using 80% less water than a traditional garden hose.

BearCat PW3100B Pressure Washer

echo PW3001BSometimes bigger is better and for tougher jobs you will be glad you chose the Echo BearCat PW3100B. This gas model features a 212cc engine, producing 2.3 GPM and over 3000 psi. From property owners to business owners, the PW3100B gets the job done in less time with less water.


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