11 Ways to Prepare Your Perfect Summertime Backyard

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11 Ways to Prepare Your Perfect Summertime Backyard

Sneade’s Ace Home Center is the place for all of your summer fun needs. The outdoor entertaining season is upon us. Every summer, folks head out into the backyard for a variety of fun reasons. Well, we’ve got some inventive ways to dress up your backyard. The best news? They work on just about any budget. With a little creativity, you could have the best backyard on the block this summer. Here are 11 ways to prepare your perfect summertime backyard. Now, let’s get ready for the best season yet!

1. Kiddie Pool Fun

Kiddie pools are not just for the kiddos! You can use these little wading pools in a variety of ways. Fill it with sand for an inexpensive sandbox. Throw in your favorite beverages and ice for a fun way to serve chilled drinks. Keep your cold foods cold by placing a pool filled with ice on your buffet table.

2. Comfy Chairs

Seating always seems to be at a premium at any gathering. Keep your guests comfy with a variety of options. Spray paint metal folding chairs to add a pop of color. Store folding camping chairs for instant seating. Consider folding chairs with an optional canopy, therefore your guests are always in a shady spot.

3. Creative Bird Feeders

Initiate a fun outdoor crafting session. Gather everyone and make bird feeders using a few simple items. For example, smear peanut butter on pine cones. Next roll in birdseed, then hang it in a tree. Have an old plastic milk jug? You can easily transform it into a bird feeder. Click here for some great homemade bird feeder ideas. Want to do a little more birding, check out our Bird Center at both Sneade’s Ace Home Centers.

4. Shady Oasis

Instant Canopies can offer a shady respite on a sunny day. But, they also offer shelter from a rainy drizzle. They are a great way to keep food and drinks out of the direct sunlight as well. The best part is that the canopies open and close easily, and are compact. Thus, they are easy to store and transport.

5. Bugs Be Gone

Nothing bugs guests at an outdoor gathering more than getting bitten up by insects. Tiki torches add a bit of style and atmosphere to any barbecue. Consider having a variety of bug spray on hand for your guests to use. Lastly, you can take it a step further, and treat your yard directly to keep the pests at bay.

6. Whimsical Wind Chimes

Each adding a unique look and sound, wind chimes make for a beautiful backyard feature. Wood, metal, glass, shells of all shapes and sizes each bring a unique sound.  The combinations are endless and you are sure to find that wind chime to match your back yard theme.

7. Keep it Going with Lighting

After an amazing Southern Maryland sunset, keep guests entertained with outdoor lighting. Adding a few citronella candles and tiki torches can light up your dinner party and serve as mosquito repellent. Lighting up your back yard with hanging lights is another great way to entertain.

8. Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the grill is the heart of the outdoor kitchen. Whether you are a charcoal purist, or love the convenience of a gas grill, or swear by a the Big Green Egg there is no denying the importance of the proper setup. Creating the ideal grilling setup will ensure delicious meals season after season.

9. Unexpected Charm

Delight your friends and family with a bit of unexpected charm. Utilize themed plates, tablecloths, and flatware. Incorporate unique inspirational pillows and rugs to outdoor seating areas. Items such as these also make great event souvenirs or host gifts as a way to say, “Thanks for the invite!”

10. Frosty Beverages

Nothing is a bigger bummer than when the ice in your drink melts. Consider picking up insulated tumblers, like those made by Yeti and Tervis. Not only will your cold drinks stay cold, they are also perfect in winter for hot drinks too! As an added bonus, they are reusable, therefore environmentally friendly. Plus, many feature a lid, which keeps out unwanted pesky critters.

11. Cool, Clear Pool Water

When you have a pool you work hard to keep the water clear all season. However, it can be confusing figuring out the ideal combination of chemicals. Fortunately, Sneade’s Ace Home Center offers free pool water testing. Sneade’s can help you determine what will work best for your pool.

Sneade’s Ace Home Center is the place for all your summer fun needs. Stop in today to check out our amazing selection of grills and pool accessories. Bring a sample of pool water for testing. We have everything you need to prepare your perfect summertime backyard.


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