Organize Your Home After the Holidays in 6 Steps

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Organize Your Home After the Holidays in 6 Steps

For many of us getting more organized seems to be a part of every New Year’s Resolution. For some reason every year this goal tends to go by the wayside. Getting your home in order after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season always feels like such a chore. But, what if we told you that you could organize your home after the holidays in 6 steps? That sounds reasonable, right? The real key is breaking it down into smaller tasks. That way, you do not get overwhelmed. With a minimal monetary and time investment, you could finally make this year the year you get it done! Here are those six steps to organize your home after the holidays.

Shelving for Your Storage Space

The first step to getting organized is ensuring the space you store your items is neat and tidy. A few strategically placed shelving racks can do wonders. Designate specific shelves for seasonal items, clothes, family heirlooms, etc. The stands allow for vertical storage, freeing up floor space. And, when you label your boxes clearly, you will be able to locate and access items effortlessly.

Organize Items for Storage

When taking your decorations down, this is a perfect time to organize. What more, it is an excellent opportunity to purge or repair broken items. Still using cardboard boxes? Consider picking up storage bins specially designed to store holiday items safely and efficiently. A little bit of effort this year will make putting up and taking down your decorations much easier season after season.

Follow the 2 for 1 Philosophy

This philosophy can apply to almost all of your possessions. Simply put, if you purchase or receive an item as a gift, donate two similar items you no longer use or need. That way, you stay organized, and another person benefits from your donation. You can employ the whole family for this one. Get everyone excited about helping others. Many great organizations could benefit from your contributions.

Consider Seasonal Storage

Why clog up your closet with bulky sweaters in the middle of summer? Not sure what to do with swim fins and goggles in the winter? Tired of the clutter caused by the kiddo’s toys? Seasonal storage is the solution. Another benefit, it makes maintaining an organized house easier. Plus, your children will get excited all over again as you swap out toys every few months.

Scrub and Clean from Top to Bottom

Ok, no one really looks forward to cleaning the house. Like the old saying goes “many hands make for light work.” Gather the family and assign tasks. Kids as young as two can even help. Designate a week in January and tackle the house from top to bottom. Make this an annual tradition! While no one may love cleaning, everyone loves a clean and organized home.

Create a Master Chore List

Go old school and print out the master list and hang it on the fridge. That way, everyone can see it as a reminder. Designate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually tasks to everyone in the family. Once again, when you break down the duties, they seem like less of a chore.

Make this year the year you finally get the house in order! Follow these simple steps to organize your home after the holidays. Come on into Sneade’s Ace Home Center for everything you need to store and manage your items efficiently. Plus, check out our diverse selection of cleaning supplies. Helping to organize your home for any season…another reason Sneade’s Ace Home Center is the Place!


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